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Friday, July 11, 2014

Less is more with Sutton's LibDems

Carshalton High street is awash with a sea of posters announcing the forthcoming closure of the recycling banks in the High Street. Coincidentally these appeared just days after the new council was elected. "You spoke, we listened!" they proclaim. So the message is that Carshaltonians have been clamouring for recycling facilities to be shut down? I don't recall being consulted....? The official reason is apparently anti-social behaviour associated with the bins?! Very convenient, to have a tiny handful of moans about glass noise late at night as a pretext for putting further skids on Sutton Council's now abysmal rates of recycling. Just as well that Sutton's LibDem council is doing its best to build a huge incinerator, so at least our waste can be burnt instead. Good ol' LibDems, eh? They think of everything!

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