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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Joan Hartfield selected for Stonecot by election

Former Lib Dem councillor Joan Hartfield will be standing for the Green Party in this Thursday's by election.

More details on who's standing can be found here:

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Lib Dems support attack on Welfare State

Everyone knows that the main parties have little understanding of environmental issues.  The Green Party therefore are the only party it seems with sensible policies on this matter.  What many do not realise is that the Green’s may be the only party left that fights for social justice.

It’s this frustration that led me to write in once more to the local press to highlight the controversial welfare reforms passing through parliament. 

Dear Editor

I’ve become increasingly despondent about the lack of sympathy my Lib Dem MP Tom Brake appears to have for people poverty.   Not only is he silent about the myths spread by his government about people in poverty, he actively promotes the idea that we shouldn’t “subsidise” people on housing benefit to stay in London.

David Cameron says the polls so show the public are on the government’s side.  But would the public support these cuts if we asked them a different question?

For example – Should we cap housing benefit to poor families in private rented accommodation so they end up leaving London as we have not built enough affordable housing? Are we happy to put thousands of children in B+Bs in deprived areas where their parents are less likely to work at a larger cost to the taxpayer even though many were in work but paid so little they we’re still reliant on benefits?

Fortunately, The Lords are challenging the Government because they look at the evidence.  They realise that not only will these cuts cost the taxpayer more not less, they understand the hardship the likes of cancer patients or disabled children will face from the welfare reforms.  Croydon will be one of the hardest hit areas by the housing benefit cap according to the government and I think our MPs need to tell the truth about the damage that will be done to our community.

As has been the case in the past, Tom replied in the press.  Perhaps it’s because he is genuinely concerned about what is happening to Londoners – or maybe the truth is that his real worry is about losing some of those floating voters. 

Disappointingly, but rather predictably there was no response to my questions just the standard reiteration of the extent of the problem this government faces whilst ignoring the evidence that some of these reforms will actually cost the taxpayer.  It's no wonder many of us believe that the Welfare Reform Bill is just part of the Tory ideology forced on us with the support of the Lib Dems .