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Monday, March 19, 2007

Sutton Green Drinks


Sutton Green Drinks

6:30 'til late, Wednesday 7th March 2006

And then, the first Wednesday of every month.

In the Swan Bar (first bar on the left) as you enter THE GREYHOUND PUB, directly opposite the Ponds at Carshalton on the A232 (SM5 3PE).
How Do I Get There?

Walk, cycle, bus (127, 157, 407, X26, S3), train (Carshalton).

Sutton Green Drinks is for anyone working on environmental issues or studying them.

The idea is to meet for fun, contacts alcohol (& non-alcoholic drinks), info, gossip, inspiration, business and pleasure.

If you are new, just go up to someone and say "are you green?" and you'll be made welcome.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Letter to Sutton Press

Dear editor,

I was dismayed but hardly surprised to note this week that Carshalton High Street is soon to be blessed with another estate agent, which I think makes seven in our small local shopping parade, which also boasts several fast food joints. Now, I cannot believe that one single inhabitant of the area thinks that what Carshalton needs is another estate agent. It was over twenty years ago that the Green party first made the issue of sustainable local shops a key plank of our local manifestos, calling for local authorities to be given the power to set a sliding scale of business rates to favour community-friendly retailers; the need for something of this kind is even more urgent today with the serial decline of post offices, local food retailers, and other 'proper' neighbourhood facilities. The Sustainable Communities Bill, promoted by a range of green groups including the Green party but with cross party support, is making its way through Parliament as a private members' Bill. It will if passed give local councils the sort of powers we have long been calling for. Readers can find more information by logging on to


Bob Steel

Sutton Green party

Friday, March 09, 2007

March Meeting - Carshalton

The next meeting of the Sutton and Croydon Green Party will be on Tuesday 13th March at 8pm at the Centre for Environmental Initiatives Carshalton, map here.

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