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Monday, September 15, 2008

A welcome U-turn on garden waste

So the LibDem council has finally capitulated over the garden waste collection. If they weren't prepared to listen to a wide spectrum of local opinion including the Greens, they had their minds concentrated by the high-profile condemnation by their own local MPs who are keenly aware thet they are in the firing line at the next election. A bit more listening to local groups and individuals before rushing into future mistakes, and showing a bit more humiltiy, would be welcome. That said, we applaud the decision to reintroduce the collections although we hope that this will go hand in hand with vigorous attempts to encourage those who can compost to do so.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Caroline Lucas is first Green Party Leader

Caroline Lucas has won the Green Party's first ever leadership election.
Lucas defeated her rival for the leadership, Ashley Gunstock, by a margin of 2559 votes to 210 - 90%.
Lucas, who is the party's candidate for the target constituency of Brighton Pavillion, said:
"I am deeply honoured to have been elected as the first leader of the Green Party.
"I am also delighted to have Adrian Ramsay elected alongside me as our party's first Deputy. His
work for the past ten years in Norwich, transforming an inactive party into the largest group of Green councillors in Britain is truly inspirational."Britain needs Green leadership now. None of the other parties has the vision or the courage to tackle the real challenges we face today - the accelerating climate crisis, and Victorian levels of inequality.
"We need a Green New Deal to tackle the impact of rising prices and increased unemployment.We need to invest the proceeds of a Windfall tax on massive energy company profits into making the homes of ordinary people warmer and fuel bills more affordable.
"As Leader I will work tirelessly to get our positive Green message across to the public, and to see more Greens elected to deliver social and environmental justice in towns and cities across the country.
"Adrian Ramsay, who supported Lucas for leader, was elected unopposed.
Councillor Ramsay, who heads the Green opposition group on Norwich Council, said:
"I'm honoured to be elected the first Deputy Leader of the Green Party. It's a crucial time for the Greens as we build towards winning our first seats at Westminster in the next General Election. At a time of rising fuel prices growing concern about the effects of climate change, Green polices offer real solutions for the country."
For more information about Caroline click here

Economics: Greens back New Green Deal plan

New Green Party Leader, Caroline Lucas, took to the stage today for her first speech to the party's annual conference to call for a windfall tax on energy profits to kickstart a "Green New Deal" to help people deal with the credit crunch and rising fuel prices.Dr Lucas, who became the Greens' first ever leader in a landslide result announced on the first day of the conference, yesterday, began the calls for a windfall tax months ago; more recently, MPs, anti-poverty campaigners and environmentalists have joined the campaign.The "Green New Deal" report, authored by a panel including Dr Lucas, Co-director of Finance For The Future Colin Hines, SolarCentury boss Jeremy Leggett, Guardian Economic Editor Larry Elliot, and former Friends of the Earth chief Tony Juniper, calls for public investment in green-collar jobs in areas including renewable energy. Lucas also backed a programme of free insulation for every home in Britian to create jobs, cut fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions."Just three companies – BP, Centrica, and Shell – together made £1000 profit every second over the first 6 months of this year. "These corporations are robbing from the poor to give to the rich and they know it. And it's about time they learned that in a progressive democracy, there is no place for robber barons." Proposing a Green New Deal in response, Dr Lucas said: "When the world faced economic depression back in the early 1930s, it was President Roosevelt's New Deal that got people back to work with a massive investment in infrastructure. "Today we stand on the brink of a triple crisis – a combination of a credit-fuelled financial meltdown, accelerating climate change, and soaring energy prices."We need a Green New Deal in response."The core would be a 21st century project to make the nation's buildings truly energy efficient, with local authority bonds being issued to raise the necessary funds for a major investment in insulation, efficiency and renewables, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process."

Monday, September 01, 2008

Green Party stall at Carshalton Green Fair

Thanks George for forwarding this photo taken at the Carshalton Green Fair. During a spare few seconds in between taking orders, washing up and waiting for the kettle to boil - the Sutton and Croydon Green Party gang had time to pose for this photo. Well done to everyone that helped run the stall.