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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New Nation speaks to Sutton Green Stan Prokop

Green Party supporter Paul Macey and local party member Dr Stan Prokop interviewed in New Nation.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Climate Change March 2008

Approaching Parliament Square

Earlier in the day, reaching the end of the pre-march bike ride.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sympathy for the devil?

Among all the furore about the arrest of Damian Green, I was gobsmacked that Radio 4 chose to interview, of all people, Michael Howard, one of the most intolerant Home Secretaries ever and architect of the so-called Criminal Justice Act. To hear his sanctimonious whingeing was entertaining and the thought did cross my mind that perhaps someone Machiavellian in the Beeb had brought him on to satisfy their sense of irony. Anyway if (s)he did it went right over Howard's head. Outrageous as the arrest was, and in particular the use of the notorious anti-terror cops, it's been happening to the rest of us for some time, for example the arrest of Maya Evans three years ago after reciting the names of British soldiers killed in Iraq outside the gates of Downing Street.
And then there is the Tory threat of a vote of no confidence in the speaker. Anyone with a brain might have deduced that Gorbals Mick was not fit for the office long before now. Remember that last year Martin spent £20,000 of taxpayers' money on libel firm Carter-Fuck to represent him following articles querying his conduct. Martin also exempted his wife, Mary, from security checks in the Palace of Westminster, where they live, and for trying to block details of MPs' £5m-a-year travel expenses being published under the Freedom of Information Act. It suited the Tories to back him then, so who are they kidding now when they try to present themselves as defenders of democracy??

Thursday, November 20, 2008

National Climate March

Saturday December 6th 2008

March on Parliament to demand that the government acts on climate now !
Part of a Global Day of Action - see
- last year 70+ countries were involved !

The march this year goes to Parliament Square to demand that the government act now on climate. The march will now start at Grosvenor Square (5 mins from Speakers Corner, Hyde Park - Bond Street or Marble Arch tube. Apologies for any confusion over starting point see more here) - assemble 12 noon. Full schedule here

Speakers will include Nick Clegg (leader Liberal Democrat Party), Caroline Lucas (leader, Green party), Michael Meacher (ex-Environment Minister) and George Monbiot (Honorary President, Campaign against Climate Change).

The march will be preceeded by a climate protest bike ride starting from Lincoln's Inn Fields at 10.30 am:

see more here.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

A welcome U-turn on garden waste

So the LibDem council has finally capitulated over the garden waste collection. If they weren't prepared to listen to a wide spectrum of local opinion including the Greens, they had their minds concentrated by the high-profile condemnation by their own local MPs who are keenly aware thet they are in the firing line at the next election. A bit more listening to local groups and individuals before rushing into future mistakes, and showing a bit more humiltiy, would be welcome. That said, we applaud the decision to reintroduce the collections although we hope that this will go hand in hand with vigorous attempts to encourage those who can compost to do so.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Caroline Lucas is first Green Party Leader

Caroline Lucas has won the Green Party's first ever leadership election.
Lucas defeated her rival for the leadership, Ashley Gunstock, by a margin of 2559 votes to 210 - 90%.
Lucas, who is the party's candidate for the target constituency of Brighton Pavillion, said:
"I am deeply honoured to have been elected as the first leader of the Green Party.
"I am also delighted to have Adrian Ramsay elected alongside me as our party's first Deputy. His
work for the past ten years in Norwich, transforming an inactive party into the largest group of Green councillors in Britain is truly inspirational."Britain needs Green leadership now. None of the other parties has the vision or the courage to tackle the real challenges we face today - the accelerating climate crisis, and Victorian levels of inequality.
"We need a Green New Deal to tackle the impact of rising prices and increased unemployment.We need to invest the proceeds of a Windfall tax on massive energy company profits into making the homes of ordinary people warmer and fuel bills more affordable.
"As Leader I will work tirelessly to get our positive Green message across to the public, and to see more Greens elected to deliver social and environmental justice in towns and cities across the country.
"Adrian Ramsay, who supported Lucas for leader, was elected unopposed.
Councillor Ramsay, who heads the Green opposition group on Norwich Council, said:
"I'm honoured to be elected the first Deputy Leader of the Green Party. It's a crucial time for the Greens as we build towards winning our first seats at Westminster in the next General Election. At a time of rising fuel prices growing concern about the effects of climate change, Green polices offer real solutions for the country."
For more information about Caroline click here

Economics: Greens back New Green Deal plan

New Green Party Leader, Caroline Lucas, took to the stage today for her first speech to the party's annual conference to call for a windfall tax on energy profits to kickstart a "Green New Deal" to help people deal with the credit crunch and rising fuel prices.Dr Lucas, who became the Greens' first ever leader in a landslide result announced on the first day of the conference, yesterday, began the calls for a windfall tax months ago; more recently, MPs, anti-poverty campaigners and environmentalists have joined the campaign.The "Green New Deal" report, authored by a panel including Dr Lucas, Co-director of Finance For The Future Colin Hines, SolarCentury boss Jeremy Leggett, Guardian Economic Editor Larry Elliot, and former Friends of the Earth chief Tony Juniper, calls for public investment in green-collar jobs in areas including renewable energy. Lucas also backed a programme of free insulation for every home in Britian to create jobs, cut fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions."Just three companies – BP, Centrica, and Shell – together made £1000 profit every second over the first 6 months of this year. "These corporations are robbing from the poor to give to the rich and they know it. And it's about time they learned that in a progressive democracy, there is no place for robber barons." Proposing a Green New Deal in response, Dr Lucas said: "When the world faced economic depression back in the early 1930s, it was President Roosevelt's New Deal that got people back to work with a massive investment in infrastructure. "Today we stand on the brink of a triple crisis – a combination of a credit-fuelled financial meltdown, accelerating climate change, and soaring energy prices."We need a Green New Deal in response."The core would be a 21st century project to make the nation's buildings truly energy efficient, with local authority bonds being issued to raise the necessary funds for a major investment in insulation, efficiency and renewables, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process."

Monday, September 01, 2008

Green Party stall at Carshalton Green Fair

Thanks George for forwarding this photo taken at the Carshalton Green Fair. During a spare few seconds in between taking orders, washing up and waiting for the kettle to boil - the Sutton and Croydon Green Party gang had time to pose for this photo. Well done to everyone that helped run the stall.

Monday, August 04, 2008

What is the point of the Liberal Democrats?

It would be easier to take the LibDems more seriously if they didn't insist on picking anyone they can pin a rosette on to stand for them, and actually showed soemthing approaching integrity and/or consistency just now and again. After numerous faux pas including selecting Brian 'gas guzzler' Paddick to contest the London mayoralty, despite apparently being at odds with his party's policy on all sorts of issues, now this classic from Maidstone where local LibDems have selected a road fuel protester and local road haulage magnate as their Parliamentary candidate. Links here:-

Maybe someone who purports to understand what LibDems stand for could explain what it is about Mr Peter Carroll that makes him a Liberal Democrat? And while they're at it, why the party apparently supports congestion charging but opposes it wherever local people apear top be against such as West london and Edinburgh, has differing views on waste incineration from city to city, supports the M74 motorway, condemned by official enquiry, waited until public opinion was well against the Iraq war before coming off the fence, etc etc ad nauseam...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shan Oakes - The real civil liberties candidate

Shan Oakes has been selected as the Green Party's candidate standing against the Conservatives' David Davis for the seat of Haltemprice and Howden on July 10th 2008.

Any offers of campaigning help can be directed to Martin Dean at sokuto12 'at'

Read Shan's new blog at


Monday, June 02, 2008

Stop the 3rd runway!

Of all the insane proposals put forward by this increasingly wretched government their plans for airport expansion must be some where near the top of the league. That’s why I was happy to be there at the weekend supporting the action against the proposed third runway which will demolish about 1200 homes as well as making lives of tens of thousands of people a misery. The new runway will increase the airport capacity by 50% from 480,000 flights a year to 720,000; and BAA also wants to end the “alternation agreement” which regulates flights at Heathrow’s existing runways: planes leaving the airport currently switch directions at 3pm in order to give the people of West London a break from the noise. If the policy changes, the airport could take a further 72,000 flights a year on top as well as condemning thousands of local people to non stop noise.

What about the wider issues- of climate change? Depending on whether you believe the government’s figures or those produced by academic researchers, by 2050 the greenhouse gases produced by the UK’s air passengers will equate to between 91% and 258% of the carbon dioxide the government says the whole economy should be producing. Its airport expansion plans, in conjunction with those of other nations, will cause runaway climate change even if we were to spend the rest of our lives shivering in the dark. So much for the economic benefits of new runways.

Don’t think that it will be any better with the Tories who are predictably just as committed to run(a)way climate change via increased air travel. The LibDems too like to sit on the fence and proclaim that we should be expanding regional airports like Lydd (as if these are somehow more cuddly and their emissions less toxic). Pathetic cop out as usual. If the position of political parties on airport expansion isn’t touchstone of their real commitment to ‘sustainability’ then I don’t know what is.

Green waste- another hastily rolled out mistake.

copy of letter sent to Sutton Guardian:

Dear Editor

As chair of the Greens you’d expect me to be an enthusiastic composter and indeed I am but it only servers to reinforce my perception that if anyone in the LibDems is a gardener they can’t be very good at talking to each other, for there is so much garden waste that isn’t suitable for the compost heap. Leaving aside all the woody material which I’m not sure what to do with now, even large quantities of grass cuttings don’t rot down as correspondents to the Guardian have already pointed out. I’m all in favour of encouraging more composting- maybe the teams of smart travel people could have been recycled into compost consultants? – but the best that can be said for this fiasco is that it’s a well meaning but wrong headed approach. If Cllr Hall and his team had thought about consulting with gardeners, it seems they could have avoided looking like monkeys whilst only paying peanuts, to paraphrase recent comments by another councillor to justify another dubious decision. Bonfire anyone?

Bob Steel, Sutton Green party

Sunday, May 04, 2008

GLA Results

The Ken versus Boris show certainly boosted the turnout in Croydon and Sutton. Occasional CONSERVATIVE and LABOUR voters came out to back their party. This caused the LIB DEM vote to squeeze but not the GREEN PARTY'S! Our vote share actually increased to 5.17% -which meant the deposit was also saved!

Under the London-wide proportional system: again our vote held firm returning our 2 Green Assembly members (AM's). The LIB DEM's again experienced the squeeze and now only have 3 AM's!

In the Mayoral election, Sian Berry's vote also bucked the Red/Purple V Blue squeeze, resulting in the GREEN PARTY's share actually increasing.

A big thank you to all those that voted Green and contributed to the campaign. Onward and Upwards!!!

Croydon and Sutton
Steve O'Connell (C) 76,477 (44.08%, +7.30%)
Shafi Khan (Lab) 33,812 (19.49%, +1.31%)
Abigail Lock (LD) 32,335 (18.64%, -1.49%)
David Pickles (UKIP) 9,440 (5.44%, -5.25%)
Shasha Khan (Green) 8,969 (5.17%, +0.83%)
David Campanale (CPA) 6,910 (3.98%, +1.00%)
Richard Castle (Eng Dem) 4,186 (2.41%)
Zana Hussain (Left List) 1,361 (0.78%)

C maj 42,665 (24.59%)

2.53% swing Lab to C Electorate 384,162;

Turnout 173,490 (45.16%, +9.13%)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Observer Backs Greens

From today's Observer Editorial

There is a stronger case to be made for casting 'first preference' votes for Siân Berry, the Green candidate. The party has already used its toehold on the London Assembly to wring green concessions worth millions of pounds out of the mayoral budget. A respectable score for Ms Berry, an intelligent and articulate advocate of her cause, would send a clear signal to whoever wins the mayoralty that London cares about environmental policy.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Green Tory Tactical Voting Tip

Did you know that a vote cast for the Tory Party in the London-wide List is a wasted vote? This is because the Tory Party will inevitably win more than their fair share of constituency members, so none of their list will get elected.

This means that Tory voters can vote both Blue and Green in the same election, by voting Tory in the constituency and voting for the Green Party in the London-wide list.

Meanwhile Real Greens in Sutton should vote Green Party in the London list and for Green Party candidate Shasha Khan in the constituency vote.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Green Party Manifesto for London

Key Green policies include:

* 20p off all bus and off-peak tube fares - cancel £500 million east London roadbuilding scheme and invest in public transport instead
* Free insulation available to everyone;
* Insist all employers pay a Living Wage of least £7.20 an hour
* More affordable housing with a 60% target for all new homes
* Cheap loans for renewable energy generation
* Support for small business, against big retailers, with 50% of space in new developments to be small units for local businesses, at affordable rents
* People-friendly speed limits - 20 mph everywhere except a small number of major routes
* Tube PPPs and rail services in London brought back into public control
* No airport expansion
Download the full manifesto (pdf)

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Green waste- where we stand

Copy of letter sent to local media:

The level of debate on the current spat over garden waste collections has been disappointingly negative and perhaps over-simplistic.

The Green party agrees with Councillor Hall that ‘free’ waste collections are nothing of the sort, and that it’s a good idea to encourage people to take more responsibility for their own waste where possible. It might not be politically popular but global events should make it clear to us that we cannot rely on politicians to deliver everything for us- people have to take a lead too. He’s also right to remind us that throwing rubbish in landfill sites is not just wasteful but very expensive. We are producing a lot more waste these days and it makes sense to refuse excess packaging, and and re-use whatever we can, before we recycle, or put material into the waste stream. Composting is easy and makes good sense, returning organic matter to the soil system. There may be a risk of increased fly-tipping but the last time Sutton Council dabbled with home composting they made a terrible hash of it, delivering unwanted bins - most of which themselves went to waste, to everyone. The relatively small charge for green waste collections this time might encourage people to think more positively about composting.

Sutton Council haven’t made their task of selling this scheme any easier by the huge salary hikes for senior officers – that’s a policy I would not like to defend. Also as an active composter myself I do have some concerns about the woody waste from shrubs and trees which don’t compost easily. This one needs more thinking about perhaps. We do however need some more imaginative thinking on waste- and encouraging more home composting is part of that thinking.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sutton - The Sustainable Suburb of the Future

A trailblazing initiative to create the UK’s first zero-carbon sustainable suburb was launched on 25 February in Hackbridge, located in the north of Sutton borough.

“Hackbridge Week” from 25 February to 1 March comprised a series of workshops involving people who live and work in the area (including BedZED residents and BioRegional), Council Officers and Councillors, architects and developers getting together to discuss ideas on how to design the sustainable suburb of the future.

The overall objective is for Hackbridge, and ultimately Sutton, to become the UK’s first ‘sustainable suburb’ - creating a vibrant community where people want to live and work, that protects the local environment and meets the needs of local residents both now and in the future.

Hackbridge Week followed on from a "Visioning" day (held in April last year) when the initial ideas were discussed. As a resident, I attended on that day – and had been looking forward with great anticipation of what was to follow.

While it has taken 10 months for the follow-up event, I did feel that the “Hackbridge Week” events were very good. Very well structured and with a feeling of real, meaningful consultation (although this could well have been improved by local residents having been given more notice of the events).

Consultative workshops were held on several topics, including:

Planning and Design of New Build
Natural Habitats and Wildlife
Culture and Heritage
Zero Waste
Sustainable Transport
Local and Sustainable Materials
Community Planning
Local Business Involvement
Zero Carbon
Sustainable Water
Equity and Fair Trade
Increasing Civic Awareness
Health and Happiness
Local and Sustainable Food.

and ending with a feedback event on the final day

Sutton Council Leader Cllr Sean Brennan said, “People living and working in the area are true champions of the environment and it is their ideas, their energy and their enthusiasm that will help transform Hackbridge and ultimately Sutton, into the UK’s first zero-carbon sustainable suburb.”
“With the BedZed development, this area has long been a showcase for green living and Hackbridge Week is an opportunity for the community to decide how we make Hackbridge a better place for everyone. We intend to be blaze a trail of sustainable living for others to follow.”

The findings from the different events and workshops will form the basis of a Sustainable Action Plan for Hackbridge. The plan will clearly lay out:

what the goals are
who will be involved
what the short, medium and long term actions are
how One Planet Living in Hackbridge will be achieved.

The Council; say that everything in the plan will be based on what people have told them at the events – and invite more ideas by logging onto the One Planet Living website at:

George Dow

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Paddick makes up policies as he goes along

London Green Assembly members have written an open letter to Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg urging him to support the Greens in the London mayoral election! Listening to some of Paddick's policy pronouncements and comparing them with supposed LibDem policy, you'd be hard to find a pair in your hand (nothing new ther ethen!?) anyway here's the letter:-

27th Mar 2008

Open letter to Nick Clegg MP

Greens urge Clegg to back Berry as Paddick rips up Lib Dem policy

Green Assembly Members Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson have delivered this letter to Liberal Democrat headquarters in Westminster.

Dear Nick,

We are writing this open letter because we are concerned that your voters are about to go into a London election with no Liberal Democrat candidate.

Although we do not always agree with the Liberal Democrats, we believe that very many people vote Lib Dem because they are concerned about the environment, and Lib Dems have clearly applied greater effort than the two larger parties to this issue in recent years. That is absolutely to your credit.

But in an entirely understandable effort to break into the top two in London, your party has chosen to nominate a celebrity candidate from outside the party, Brian Paddick. It is becoming increasingly apparent that Mr Paddick does not share the environmental concerns of your voters, and the party appears powerless to stop him tearing up years of Lib Dem policy in London in pursuit of Conservative votes.

Mr Paddick has pledged to scrap the Low Emissions Zone, a policy that was supported by Lib Dem AMs and is vital to cut the 1,000 premature deaths caused annually in London by air pollution.

He would cancel the higher-rate Congestion Charge for gas-guzzling Band G vehicles, a policy championed both by our Mayoral candidate Siân Berry and your MP Lynne Featherstone, then a London Assembly Member.

And he plans to privatise the Tube network to place management entirely in the hands of a single firm. You will remember that Lib Dem candidates appeared on the 2000 ballot paper as "Liberal Democrats: Against Tube Sell-off."

While Siân Berry is by no means a Liberal Democrat, it is clear that she represents the concerns and aspirations of Liberal Democrats far better than your increasingly estranged official candidate.

The Liberal Democrats' hard-won reputation as a party with concern for London's environment is at grave risk though the promotion of this high-profile and clearly anti-environment Mayoral candidate.

Liberal Democrat voters are practical, not tribal. In our view, the Lib Dem thing to do in this situation is to ignore the colour of the rosette, and vote for the progressive polices for London transport and the environment, many of which you have fought for over the last eight years. We therefore urge you, your party and your supporters to back instead the only candidate that now represents your hopes for our capital: Siân Berry.

Yours faithfully,

Jenny Jones AM Darren Johnson AM

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Post Office letter published

Published in the Sutton Guardian.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Airport expansion insanity

Given the state of where we are with climate change alone, I would have thought that any plans to build another runway at any major UK airport is little short of insanity. Let alone at Heathrow with all the additional issues of noise, pollution, traffic congestion and general disruption, plus the little matter of bulldozing an ancient community. The major parties, who as proponents of Globalisation all support aviation growth in one form or another, are doing their best to appear as champions of the antis. Boris is opposed here but wants another airport East of London, God help us. Ruth Kelly trots out the usual New Labour/Tory mantra that the economy will collapse without more airport capacity, while as usual the LibDems ‘bottom fishing’ tactics to trawl up all the available votes is apparent, supporting regional airport expansion, welcoming the growth of Glasgow Airport, (the latter being a classic of LibDem doublespeak), but opposing Heathrow expansion because that’s what plays well locally. John Gummer’s recent views about airport expansion might give one a glimmer of hope that the Conservatives may have seen the writing on the wall but you’ve only got to look at the reaction amongst rank and file Tory Rottweilers to see what the mood in the party really is, which is rather depressing.
The Green vision here is simple: more and more mobility is unsustainable. This doesn’t mean doom and gloom about declining quality of life: it’s an opportunity to reject Globalisation, which is NOT inevitable, and embrace more localised economies. If we are serious about tackling Climate change (and I see little evidence that we are at the moment) we are going to have to do a good deal more than taking a few trips to the bottle bank or lobbing a few quid at dubious Carbon offset groups. Airport expansion is an obvious test of that commitment.

Lib Dem Lucky Dip

LibDem mayoral candidate Brian Paddick is a real chip off the old block when it comes to his party’s ‘Goody bag’ policy lucky dip tradition- his broadside against the higher C-Charge for Chelsea tractors fits uneasily against the London Lib Dems’ stated support for charging. Or does it? Well it all depends on who you read, of course; Party economics spokesman Chris Huhne:
Some say green taxes would shrink with changes in behaviour, thereby undermining tax revenues. But that is to misunderstand the economics: London's congestion charge has to be high if it is to continue to change behaviour. Taxes on fuel, cars and planes are no different. The object is to steer emissions to sustainable levels through tax incentives
So that’s clear then isn’t it? Ah but Lynne Featherstone, that noted intellectual has also spoken out against the charge, and so have Edinburgh Lib Dems who have taken to the streets against it in defiance of the party’s written policy. Just goes to show that whatever your views on Congestion charging (or the Euro, Airport expansion, incinerators, just as with by-passes, the Trans-European Road network, M74 upgrading etc etc, there’s a LibDem for you. Isn’t that comforting?

*The references are here

* for edinburgh reference


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Letter to the editor


Dear Editor

I read with interest the letter sent in by Nikki Owens (Bike law is for you too – Feb 7th) regarding the lady who insists on riding her bike on the pavement whilst commuting to work. When Ms Owens and her friends challenged her about riding on the pavement outside Muschamp Primary, the lady replied, “the roads are are very dangerous.”

Whilst it is clear that she is breaking the law, I have some sympathy for the lady in question. The truth is the roads are dangerous. As well as being a major cause of death and injury, the intimidation caused by speeding traffic is a key factor dissuading more Londoners from getting on their bikes. It was no surprise that when the streets of central London were closed off, 38,000 cyclists participated in London Freewheel last September.

Thankfully there are improvements being made to the make roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. This is mainly down to the Green Assembly members who have secured £62m for walking and cycling from the Mayors budget 2008/9 – up from £21m in 2004/05.

The increase includes £2m for cycle training. In addition, the Mayor will now provide boroughs with financial incentives to implement default 20 mile an hour speed limits in all residential areas – something the Green Party has been banging on about for decades.

Maybe Ms Owens should communicate these statistics to the lady cyclist – especially the £2m for cycle training and hopefully she will take notice, enrol on a course and gain the confidence to cycle on the roads.

Yours sincerely

Shasha Khan

Sutton Green Party


Photocall opportunity:
Siân Berry, the Green Party's candidate for London Mayor, will visit Croydon on Friday (22nd February) to launch the London Assembly campaign of Green Party candidate for Croydon and Sutton Shasha Khan.
Sutton residents could see their fuels bills slashed under a Green Mayor with Siân Berry's plan to provide free insulation for all homes that need it.

Shasha said:
"At a time when Sutton residents are feeling their household incomes squeezed due to fuel price hikes and increased inflation it is clear to me that we need our homes properly insulated in order to save on heating bills and to cut CO2 emissions. Sutton households have one of the worst ratings for energy efficiency in London (1). Now that we are required to provide Home Information Packs when putting our houses on the market Sutton homeowners could lose out when selling their house.
"There's no excuse in a 21st century city for having widespread fuel poverty, with people having to pay huge chunks of their income just trying to keep warm. There's no excuse for winter deaths of elderly Londoners who could have been saved by something as simple as loft insulation. And there's no excuse for government failure to cut CO2 emissions, or for their willingness to blame ordinary people instead of their own inaction.
"Under our plan, every single home in London that needs insulation will get it, free of charge. This will slash fuel bills, making London living more affordable and healthier. We'll also put a real dent in our carbon footprint and help to ensure a future for our kids."
Siân said:
"As oil and gas get scarcer, we can expect to see more and more rises in
the cost of heating. Londoners have an opportunity on 1 May to insulate
themselves from the cold and the cost by voting for my plan to insulate every
home that needs it for free

"40% of London's CO2 emissions come from housing, and more than 1 in 20
Londoners have to spend over 10 per cent of their income trying to keep warm.
Fuel poverty like that belongs in Dickens' London, not ours. That's why, as
Mayor, I would provide free insulation to every London home that needs it.

"Shasha will make a fantastic Assembly Member, and I know he will
tenaciously will push for important measures like this whether I win in May or
not. Green AMs have already used their power in City Hall to deliver free
insulation to some, but we need more Greens like Shasha to carry on and get free
insulation for all."

Londoners on benefits qualify for free insulation under measures introduced by the Green Assembly Members as a condition of their support for the Mayor's budget. Siân's scheme will remove this means testing, as well as introducing a comprehensive outreach programme to encourage take-up.
The Green AMs have also secured funding to pilot detailed help with paperwork for householders in Lewisham who wish to insulate their homes and generate their own power; Siân will extend this service city-wide, and make low-cost loans available to pay for small-scale renewable energy generation on homes and businesses.
Notes to editors
1. Energy efficiency ratings for private housing in London are listed in the table below. Houses are rated on a scale of 0 – 120, with higher numbers being more efficient. Most new homes receive a score between 75 and 100. Table source:

Original version of Green C4 Political Slot

Broadcast by Channel 4 Thursday 21st February, this original version contains details of important gains the Greens have made on fair wages in London, which was edited out of the broadcast by Channel 4.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The next Sutton Meeting

The next Sutton meeting of the Sutton and Croydon Green Party will be on Tuesday 12th February at 8pm at the Centre for Environmental Initiatives (aka ecolocal) Carshalton, map here.

Please come along.
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