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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Healthwatch Sutton- LibDem front or just naive?

My letter to Sutton Healthwatch in the wake of their allowing Tom Brake to host the whole admin for this week's health meeting on his own web site, and control the questions to be asked!! "Why if you are independent (?) have you allowed yourselves to be hijacked by the Liberal Democrat party with regards to this week's meeting in Wallington? If you are the organisers and you are truly independent, all the procedures, advice and administration re the event should be done on YOUR web site NOT on that of a local party politician! You have simply allowed them to manipulate you for political gain and undermined any faith local people might have had in Sutton Healthwatch. I also object to having to submit written questions in advance to Tom Brake. I would have no objection to submitting them to an properly independent panel of scrutiners in orderthat a good range of questions is achieved; but it's another own goal to allow the very people who might be criticised y many local people to vet the questions days in advance. Yours in disgust, Bob Steel"

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